Eko J-54 (Ranger VI) "electric" serial 261912

It has a Dreadnought size, a little bigger than usual, with a 65 cm long scale. Top of pine-fir and the rest of partridge maple.

This is the model that from 1968 with some modifications was called "RANGER"

These guitars were highly appreciated for their great manufacturing quality, very good materials, good function and great sound.

They were top of the brand range and more than 100,000 were officially sold.

One of the best Dreadnought acoustic guitars built in Europe, I can only say good things about it!


This one in particular has some differences with the later models: The bridge is glued in the traditional style and not with rivets as usual. The back is not arched as in other models, the partridge maple is of the highest quality, and does not have the logo painted on the blade, the original label appears partly covered by that of the German store where it was sold.


Its serial number is 261912, although I could not find date references for the serial number, these differences make me think that it is one of the first models, probably from 1965-66.


The guitar was electrified by the old owner and works properly


To highlight the mast, excellent in every way, it has an adjustable bar that reaches the last cm of the mast, and that allows a perfect fit, the separation of the ropes is ideal for those who do not like tightness. Comfortable to play!


It is X-braced and has a very nice sound that is maintained with great sustain.


It is in good condition, it has signs of normal use in its age, some scratches and superficial taps that do not affect its operation or stability.


The varnish that is used in these guitars is cracked due to its rigidity and in some places you can see these fissures in the varnish that are normal in these instruments and that do not affect the wood or the sound at all. A great guitar!


Eko J-54 (Ranger VI) "electric"