Framus 5/115 52T "New sound" 1962

Solid pine top, maple sides, and laminated maple and mahogany back. It has all the original parts.

It has been delayed with new nickel silver frets, the same as the original ones, and the fingerboard has been leveled, so the action and tuning are perfect, and it is played comfortably.

It is a 17 "guitar (44 cm wide at the hips). It has a 62 cm scale and the access to the last frets is super comfortable, and the tuning is perfect. The body is thinline and is varnished with shellac.

It has two single coil pickups, and the electronics work well without noise or hum.

Framus vibrato tailpiece and bridge with press-fit cap, bat wing pickguard.

Fully revised, ready to play and enjoy.

Framus 5/115 52T (1962)