Framus parlor 5/3 model 1958

Parlor guitar built in Bavaria in 1958. It is the camping model, which was built from 1958 to the early 1960s. All built of maple, with pine top. Rosewood fingerboard The bottom is arched.

It is a popular instrument, well known and appreciated (camp fire guitar). It has the crackle of the varnish, and the patina, typical of its age and use. This guitar is slightly larger than normal parlor. It also has a deeper sound than others.

This particular one retains the original frets, well leveled, polished and shiny. Allowing a perfect fit to play very comfortably, without buzzing or fretting. it is strung with silk and steel 0.11

It has been totally restored. It is perfectly operational and in very good condition, well adjusted, fine tuning and comfortable to play.

Its general condition is very good. It has all the original parts.


Framus 5/3 Camping (1958)