Framus 5/57 "Tango" 1951-53

This guitar is one of the first of those built on this model. Constructed entirely of bird's eye maple wood with 3D effects, and finished in honey sunburst.

It has been totally revised and adjusted, shiny and polished frets, perfect octave.

You have installed a mini humbucking pickup with Alnico magnets and volume control. All this has been done without making a hole in the guitar, so that its state is reversible and does not lose its collection value.

It is a very unique guitar and all the pieces are original including the red headstock.

The frets have been removed, the fretboard has been leveled and the original alpaca frets have been put back

The output socket is at the end of the guitar, the ground connected and everything is ready to play and enjoy.

This is one of the Framus models that Elvis presley used during military service.

It is fully restored and is firm and solid, comfortable to play, Strung with 0.11 steel.

Working and tuned well on all frets. It has some small signs of normal use in its age, but its general condition is very good.


Framus 5/57 "Tango" 1951-53