Framus 5/59 "Sorella" 1969 + "Ideal" pickup

It is the thinline model. Narrower in the upper part of the body, and normal width at the end of the body.

Ebony fingerboard with new, crowned and polished frets. 62.5 cm scale

It has a built-in "Ideal" pickup from the early 60s (these pickups were pioneers in Europe and always offered the highest quality, they are single coil, shielded without hum). The connection has been updated so that the cables go inside to the jack socket.

It has been restored in detail and is offered with guarantee in perfect conditions of use and with good operation, very comfortable to play.

It was opened from behind to make some repair, but it is solidly glued. It has been totally revised.

It has a powerful sound, both in acoustic and electric mode

It has some superficial ones that do not affect its operation at all.

It sounds very good, it is well octave, and the electronics also work perfectly, without noise or hum. All pieces are original.

black rose finish laminated arched body,

single rounded cutaway single-ply binding

Rosewood fingerboard with inlays tailpiece with "Sorella" engraving built since ca. 1965

Framus 5/59 "Sorella" 1969 + "Ideal" pickup

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