Framus Jumbo 5/197 1960 (100% solid)

Jumbo Bavarian series size framus. Construction with mast and bridge glued in the traditional style, without screws. All solid woods. Spruce top with back and sides in sapele with a beautiful blonde grain, fingerboard and rosewood bridge from Brazil, with grain too.
This guitar has all the original parts including the bridge, although it is somewhat unusual, I was able to locate the model in a catalog and check that it is all original.
Also the headstock is of the clusom type similar to gibson but with the Framus style pasta pegs.
Something that makes it even more special are the reinforcements of the top in the form of a 5-point fan, in the Spanish style.
Its state of conservation is very good. It has been revised and adjusted, being very comfortable to play and tuning perfectly.
Sapeli neck with adjustable core. Long scale, good sound and playability. Reviewed by luthier!


Framus Jumbo 5/197 1960