Framus parlor 5/12 "Princess" 1951

Very rare Framus model, built entirely of solid wood, spruce top, sides and maple back. It is the size of a classic Spanish guitar, or Gibson LG. 62cms scale. It has the original lacquer gum varnish, wine red.

The union of the mast with the body is made in the Staufer Legnani style, so that it remains floating without touching the lid, to allow it to vibrate freely.

It is completely revised, and is in very good condition, some small cracks have been professionally sealed, and the guitar is solid and stable allowing good action and tuning, original frets also revised.

Very comfortable to play, great sound!



  • natural finish
  • nut-brown old-German varnish
  • Spruce top, bottom Maple, laminated on later models
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • binding
  • built since the beginning 50s

Framus parlor 5/12 "Princess" 1951