Framus parlor 5/12 "Princess" 1950-52.

Very rare Framus model, built entirely with solid wood, spruce top, back and sides: maple. The case is the size of a Spanish classical guitar, or lg gibson, although it is thicker on the sides. 62cms scale. It has the original shellac varnish, wine red color.

This model is heir to some Viennese style designs, the bridge is original too, it was only used in the first models, and later it was modified.

The varnish has innumerable taps and scratches, but it is the original shellac and maintains a great shine when exposed to light.

It is completely revised, and is in very good condition, it has no major cracks or repairs, it preserves all the original parts (except the bridge pins), and the guitar is solid and stable allowing a good action and tuning, original frets too reviewed.

Very comfortable to play, Great sound!

  • natural finish
  • nut-brown old-German varnish
  • Spruce top, bottom Maple, laminated on later models
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • binding
  • built since the beginning 50s

Framus parlor 5/12 "Princess" (1950-52)