Framus parlor 5/18 "Favorit" (1952-54)

It belongs to the first period of Framus. It has the ebony fingerboard, which is very rare on these models. The old-style Bavarian series shovel. 62.8 scale. cms.

As can be seen in the "made in gramany" label, these instruments were built for export. From year 59 it was changed to the expression "EX"

It is one of the most finely built framus parlor models. It is built with a solid spruce top, sides and maple back. Ebony fingerboard All original parts. Very good condition, although the varnish is slightly crackled on the back. Strung with 0.11 silk and steel, very comfortable to play

These guitars are some canyons, some of the loudest I have ever tried. Shiny frets, oiled fingerboard, octave and completely adjusted.

Framus parlor 5/18 "Favorit" (1952-54)