Framus parlor 50/8 "Teenager" 1948-50
Collection guitar, belongs to the first period of Framus .
It has a rosewood fingerboard, riveted headstock (no screws), and an old-style one-piece headstock with no glue.

Bavarian series. Pine top, sides and maple back. Size 3/4 Parlor.
It is two centimeters shorter than the "sport" model, also the length of the scale, which is 60.5 cm. It has a floating bridge and binding on the lid.
Framus early years impressive sound and playability!
These guitars are some canyons, some of the loudest I've ever tried .
Shimmering frets, oiled, octave, and fully tuned fretboard

Framus 50/8 "Teenager" 1948-50