Framus Texan 5 / 196C 1969-70.

Dreanough type guitar, built in Bavaria in the late 60s.

It has a solid mahogany top, solid maple sides, and a laminated maple and mahogany back. Maple multiply neck with rosewood fingerboard and very wide frets, in perfect condition. The interior gussets are in a modified X-shape in the Framus style.

It is in very good condition and perfect to play with, it has a few small taps and superficial scratches that are barely noticeable.

It has been revised and completely adjusted, it works perfectly without fretting or humming, with a very comfortable action and tuning well.

The sound is somewhat sweeter and darker than its pine-topped sisters. It is a rare model.


Framus Texan 5 / 196C (1969-70)