Alfio Leone 1960 guitar (Catania)

Dr. Alfio Leone was one of the world's most loved luthiers of traditional Italian musical instruments. He learned his craft for years of studying the vintage instrument in the Sicily region where he was born, established his factory, and passed away. In 1958 he changed the name of the company to Musikalia, where he worked day and night for many decades.

The top is spruce, and the reinforcements ladded braced. The entire instrument is made of solid wood. The bottom is arched, built in two pieces, but without any other horizontal reinforcement,

The headstock is very old, it seems to be made by hand, due to the irregularity of the pegs, it is made without screws, all riveted by hand, and it works perfectly.

It has a rosewood bridge with bone trestle and tailpiece, in the style of mandolins.

In the beater there is a spider that refers to the traditional Sicilian dance: The "tarantella" (tarantula).

The guitar is totally restored, it does not have any slit, nor any major repair. It is strung with silk and 0.11 steel, although it also supports casings and nylon.

It is solid, with the neck straight and comfortable to play, tuning well, without any problem and with a great and deep sound



Guitar "Alfio Leone" 1960 (Catania)