Archtop Defíl (Schoenbach) 1948-50.

Built in East Germany in the late 1940s, the guitar is all solid wood with a hand-carved spruce top, carved maple sides and bottom.

No-braced, does not have, and never had any internal reinforcement, perhaps for this reason the holes in the cover have been placed on top. It may be to reinforce the area where the bridge rests on the top. It is attached to the box at the 12th fret and has a straight fingerboard, with no radius.

62 cm scale and Ebony fingerboard. The bridge is ebony (not original). The frets are very fine, almost mandolin.

It has a screw to hold the neck to the body and to change the angle of the neck easily, in the style of some guitars that were made in Vienna.

From the details of its construction, the width of the fingerboard, the length of the scale, etc., it seems that it was built to play in the manouche or jazz swing style. I'd probably use manouche strings, or silk and steel, though in this case it's strung with flat wound jazz strings.

Although it has many small scratches and a little tap, its general condition is very good. And it maintains the original varnish of rubber.

The guitar works well, maintains tuning and can be played very comfortably.


Archtop Defíl (Schoenbach) 1948