Guitar "Catania-Sicilia" 1900´s

Luthier's guitar built by hand in the early 1900s in Catania, Sicily, Italy, famous for its string instruments. The name of the Luthier is engraved by fire in small letters, the calligraphy of which I cannot decipher.

It is not easy to date exactly, but the style of construction is very old. The frets do not have a crown, nor do they look like the ones we are used to, but they are rectangular section steel bars nailed to the fingerboard and perfectly leveled, all working perfectly without hums or noise. The height is very comfortable to touch.

It has a Spruce top with a nice wooden inlay in the mouth, and an artistic pickguard with colored wood embedded in an Ebony background. In the scene, someone who looks like Pinocchio is represented, who is talking excitedly in a green jacket and military cut, with a dog, while his nose grows, he has a fool's hood on his head. A curious and highly detailed exemption from which I have just deciphered its full meaning.

All this was under a layer of red varnish applied by brush ... It is difficult for me to find an explanation that justifies the concealment of something so beautiful. Perhaps it could be understood as critical to some political situation and censured for prudence ...

The lid is ladded braced and the entire instrument is constructed of solid wood. The bottom is arched, built in two pieces with a central reinforcement at the joint, but without any other horizontal reinforcement,

The headstock is very old, it seems to be made by hand, due to the irregularity of the pegs, it is made without screws, all riveted by hand, and it works perfectly.

It has a maple bridge with bone trestle and tailpiece.

The guitar is fully restored, it is solid, with the neck straight and comfortable to play, tuning well, without any problem and with a great and deep sound



Guitar "Catania-Sicilia" 1900´s (100% solid)