Parlor guitar 1920.

It was built in Germany in the early 1900s. It has a spruce top and maple back and sides.

All are solid woods, 100 years old. It has a 62 cm scale and mechanical pegbox. The bracing is laded braced (parallel braces).

It was built to be used with gut strings, or silk and steel, and to be tuned to 432 Mhz and it is in this tone that it will give all its nuances and expressiveness. Although it sounds very good at 440 too.

Tunes well in all positions, the neck is straight and stable, allowing you to play comfortably. It retains the original shellac varnish, with numerous scratches.

It is strung with silk and 0.11 steel. The height of the strings is 3 mm at the 12th fret

It has been completely restored and is ready to play and enjoy!

Parlor guitar (1920)