Salon guitar J. Edenthum Nürberg (1925).

All woods are solid. The top is spruce, and the sides, back and neck are maple. The bridge is made of maple wood, the fingerboard is made of Brazilian rosewood, and the pins of the bridge and the end of the body are made of ebony with mother-of-pearl inlay.

62 cm scale The pegbox is old style and has wooden tuners, only 4 of them are original, the other two were added at some point. It retains its original shellac varnish.

It has a label inside where it reads the date 1925 and J. Edenthum Nürberg.

I think that label was added later, since music houses in Germany used to put their own label in case of repair or resale. I say this because all the characteristics of the instrument point to a much older origin, but it is only an opinion, that each one draws their own conclusions.

The varnish on the lid is not shellac, it looks like clear varnish, in the style of the old lauds, the shape of the body and the head, without any plastic in it, and its style and construction seem much older.

Its state of conservation is good, it is firm, comfortable to play and perfectly operational. It has a few small fissures in the top, which are hardly noticeable, professionally repaired, and which do not affect its great sound, or its solidity.

It has been completely restored and adjusted to play comfortably. It maintains the tuning in all positions and the original frets are in very good condition, round and polished.

The height of the strings is about 2 mm at the 12th fret for the first string

Salon guitar J. Edenthum Nürberg (1925)