Parlor guitar "Karl Schneider" Munich (1921)

Parlor guitar built in Germany in 1921 by Johann ... We don't know the rest of the name as a Munich instrument store. (Karl Schneider).

He covered with his label, the original of the manufacturer, probably after a repair, or a resale. This is common in German stores. Fortunately the builder wrote his name and the date of construction on the inside with a pencil on the cover, the date is clearly visible and the name (Johan.) But I do not know how to decipher the last name.

It has AAA grain quality cedar top, curly maple back and sides, 62.5 cm scale. The mast is very thin and comfortable with a "V" section.

It has been lovingly restored, and stands solid and firm with professionally sealed cracks. It keeps all the pieces and the original varnish.

It works fine tuning well, very comfortable to play and with great sound! Altogether it is a guitar built with very good materials and a lot of love.

Although it looks simple, it is a great instrument with great craftsmanship, and a nice design.

It has the 3rd and 2nd natural gut strings, the first is made of "nylgut alabaster" synthetic gut and the 3 nylon strings, I add with the 1st and 2nd nylgut guitar to equalize the game.

Parlor guitar "K. Schneider"