Eko guitar model 180 (1960).

Eko built these unique guitars since the early 1960s. Their main feature is the absence of holes, as they have no "f", no mouth, and no pickguard. Its simplicity makes it a very special guitar.

It is built with mahogany wood basically. In the top it has wood of nor-European fir.

The neck is built in 5 pieces (maple and mahogany), and has an eko brand sealed pegbox, the bridge is rosewood, the fingerboard looks like zebrawood, with nickel silver frets.

This brand always stood out for its quality of construction and materials. Their dispasons and necks are prized for their comfort and solidity.

The varnish is acrylic and in some places it cracks longitudinally. Even so, its general condition is very good and its operation is perfect and comfortable. Like all our guitars, it has been revised and adjusted to detail, and it is offered in optimal condition, with perfect tuning on all frets and a very comfortable action.

Eko 180 model guitar (1960)