Hawaiian Guitar 1930 "Masterclass"

They are guitar parlor, a little more careful in details and materials and the novelty was really being able to adjust the height and tuning of the bridge. They are played and tuned just like any other guitar.

In the 1920s Hawaii became fashionable worldwide and its music and instruments spread throughout the world.

In Europe (Austria and Germany), Hawaiian guitars were built, which are parlor in size, and can be played in normal or Slide mode by changing the height of the strings in a simple and comfortable way.

In the 1930s, these instruments were manufactured in Germany, which became very popular in its time but was not discontinued long after. They have a very characteristic and sonorous timbre!

It is all 100% solid wood, cedar top, solid rosewood back and sides, in one piece, ebony fingerboard and metal fixed floating bridge adjustable in height and tuning. Rosewood instruments are very rare at this time and were reserved for the best instruments.

Lacquered with varnish. It has a height adjustable metal nut that can be raised to slide and lowered to play in normal extended mode. This nut is original and came from the factory with the instrument.

It has a nice work of crafts, made with mother of pearl and ebony in the mouth. It has been completely restored with great detail, taking care to maintain varnishes and original structure,

And although some imperfections and scratches are appreciated, its condition is very good. Not only aesthetic, but it is prepared to be played comfortably and perfectly tuned, both in standard tuning and in slide with great sound

Quality in materials and construction Masterclass! It has a very characteristic and sonorous timbre


Rosewood Hawaiian Guitar 1930