Hawaiian Guitar "Meinel & Herold" (1930)

In the 1930s, these instruments were manufactured in Germany, which are parlor guitars, but better built and with more selected materials.

They are played like a normal guitar with normal tuning, or in open tuning. They have a floating metal bridge adjustable in height and tuning.

It is all 100% solid wood. Spruce top, curly maple back and sides, rosewood fingerboard, 0 fret. High quality materials and construction.

Its state of conservation is very good. It is firm, comfortable to play and perfectly operational. With some small cracks in the lid, professionally repaired, and that do not affect its solidity.

The original bronze frets, almost unused, have been reconditioned and are kept in very good condition, high round and polished. Fingerboard radius 0.

It has a very characteristic and sonorous timbre. It is strung with silk and bronze 0.11.

Fully restored and perfectly adjusted, very comfortable to play. Tune and octave perfectly.

It has some small scratches and wear on the varnish, but it is solid, with a magnificent sound !!

Hawaiian Guitar "Meinel & Herold" (1930)