Ricardo Sanchis Guitar (1950)

  Guitar of handmade construction, in the Spanish style, with the reinforcements of the fan-shaped top.

Solid spruce top, back and sides: mahogany. Also the neck and fingerboard are made of different types of mahogany.

It has a 64.5 cm scale, bronze frets, and the nut and saddle are made of bone. It has mother-of-pearl inlays in the mouth.

It was built in Valencia by Vicente Sanchis at the beginning of 1950. This luthier was heir to the tradition of Ricardo Sanchis who founded the company in 1915. He is remembered for adapting his instruments to the needs of musicians and for modifying them, always seeking a better sound and ease of execution.

The guitar is in my opinion, what in Spain is called "tablao guitar".

It has been fully restored, some small cracks on one side of the top, and one side, have been professionally sealed, and it has been adjusted for a comfortable action and correct tuning.

It has clear signs of normal use for its age, but it is in very good condition and fully operational.

"Ricardo Sanchis Nácher (the great-grandfather) founded the guitar house in 1915. He worked and learned from his childhood with some guitar makers of that time in Valencia, such as“ el Tio Ximo ”, San Jordi, Salvador Ibañez, Telesforo Julve and some others. Later, after spending three years in Madrid fulfilling his military service, he made friends with Casa Ramirez, Casa González ..., whom he did some work. But in particular, with Domingo Esteso, with whom he worked for three years for the afternoons, and maintained a great business and family relationship.

This relationship with Domingo Esteso and some Madrid builders was continued by his son, Ricardo Sanchis Badía (the grandfather), who was the one who began to spread guitars throughout the Spanish market. "

Ricardo Sanchis Guitar (1950)