Hofner 457 model (President). 1952 (Solid carved top) This guitar is one of the oldest of this model. Model 457 is made with a solid spruce top, carved. And it is one of the most appreciated and popular models. For export to the USA, it was commercialized through Selmer and changed its name to "President", keeping its 457 model name for Europe. It has a rosewood fingerboard and new nickel silver frets. the sides and bottom are maple. The old way of construction was still used for the body, with the rings glued on the binding, (which cannot be seen from the sides, it was a very expensive artisan process that disappeared in 1952-53. The fingerboard is also wider and more Flat than usual, with more spacing between the strings. The guitar works well, octave maintains the tuning and is very comfortable to play (it has been retracted with new nickel silver frets similar to the original ones). It has numerous bumps and scratches, normal in A guitar of its age that has seen a lot of use. But it does not have any crack, or major repair. Some pegs lost their pin and it was replaced at the time by more modern ones. The pickguard is not original, but it is a replica authorized by Hofner. The rest of the pieces are original.In these years there was very little production and it is very rare to find these guitars.

Hofner 457 model 1952 (Carved top)