Hofner 522 model 1952 (3D maple top)

Excellent Hofner parlor guitar, built in the best years of the brand with the logo etched under the bridge. This was one of the first of this model to be manufactured.

Top and rings of curly maple that makes 3D effects when moving it to the light, background of the same material. 62.5 cm scale. Maple tops produce a very different sound than pine. Pearwood fingerboard, only for the first years of manufacture ... The neck is built in three pieces

It has been completely restored and is in very good condition, original frets, polished and without marks.

Its general condition is very good, some small scratches that are almost not noticeable.

It has a great sound, comfortable to play. Strung with 0.11 bronze. All original parts




Hofner 522 model 1952