Hopf archtop + framus mixer 1960

Archtop guitar from the mid 60s, with cuteway and made with maple and mahogany. 65 cm long scale, rosewood fingerboard, maple neck.

It has been re-fretted with new alpaca frets (german silver, cupronickel) and allows a perfect fit, very comfortable to play.

It is equipped with a completely original Framus mixer from the early 60s that works perfectly without any noise or hum and with a deep and balanced sound.

Its condition is very good, the varnish presents the normal patina for its age, the instrument has no repairs or any problem and the action is very low with a great sound.



The HOPF family of instrument makers is the Klingenthal violin maker, Caspar Hopf, who was born in 1669 as a member of the Graslitzer violin maker. Caspar Hobe (1655-1716) was born, the son of mining engineer Christoph Hobe, who moved from Hamburg to Vogtland in 1650. But only the namesake son of Caspar Hopf (1650-1711) coined the brand "Hopf". Since then, crafts have always passed from father to son. Only in the 19th century this family tradition was interrupted due to the early death of August Hermann Hopf (1859-1884). But Ernst Max Hopf (1882-1956) learned the profession of rope maker and founded the company E. Max Hopf in Zwota in Klingenthal in 1906. His son Willy Hopf (1906-1990) took over the company in 1932 and, along with his brother Wolfgang, joined the company as an instrument-building city.

Until 1948, the Hopf family lived in the Klingenthal / Markneukirchen area in Saxony. For political reasons, the family relocated before the founding of the GDR and the impending nationalization of the company at Hess's job.

Hopf archtop + Framus mixer 1960