Kay K-25 archtop 1940 (Solid top)

It was built in the early 1940s in Chicago (Michigan). Solid spruce top, maple back and sides. 65 cms long scale, with rosewood fingerboard and bakelite bridge.

It is in very good condition, with a deep and powerful sound, and very comfortable to play.

As far as we know all the original parts. The tailpiece is not the usual one, but in the war years the use of metal for civil uses was limited and perhaps for this reason it was changed just as Harmony did.

Although it has the label of the 40s, it maintains characteristics typical of the 30s such as the Bakelite bridge, and the riveted headstock, without screws. We think it must correspond to 1940.

It is fully restored and tuned, neck reset, fretboard and fingerboard polished, and fully adjusted. Strung with 0.11 bronze. Low action, very comfortable to play.



Kay K-25 archtop 1940 (Solid top)