German lute 1900.

This lute has a spruce top, the body is maple and all the woods are solid. It has a scale of 62.5 cm, the pegs of the bridge are made of rosewood. the strap pin is also rosewood.

It was built in Germany in the early 1900s, in a traditional way. It incorporates original mechanical head, without screws (riveted gears).

It has a "stepped" rosewood fingerboard and the frets are small brass bars with a rectangular section embedded in the wood. It has 5 frets on the top.

The bridge has been reconditioned. Without major repairs and all its parts are original.

It has been fully restored and adjusted for proper operation.

It can be played reasonably, although the strings are a bit high, around 5mm for the first string at the body fret. Although it is playable, for that reason, it is offered at this price.

The neck is perfectly straight and solid like the rest of the instrument, and the tuners work well.

Although it has scratches, dings and small scratches, its general condition is good.

Laud alemán (1900)