Romantic lute 1900.

This lute has a spruce top, the body is curly maple, and all the woods are solid. It has a scale of 62.5 cm, the pins are made of ebony and the bridge is Bog wood. The pins for the strap are ebony.

It was built in Germany in the late 1800s or early 1900s, in a traditional way.

It incorporates original mechanical headstock, without screws (riveted gears).

It has an escaloped rosewood fingerboard and the frets are small rectangular section bronze bars embedded in the wood. It has 5 rosewood frets on the top.

It has no cracks, no major repair and all its parts are original.

It has been fully restored and adjusted for proper operation and a comfortable performance.

It has the same adjustment as it had from the factory, no modification has been made, around 3.5 mm, although its height is correct and comfortable for a classical music player, the instrument allows you to easily lower the height of the strings by lowering the bridge , which maintains its integrity and varnish, as it has sufficient margin.

The rosette of the mouth has been carved in three levels, it is made of walnut wood, and it remains complete despite the years.

It is in an optimal state to play, with a comfortable action, without hum or fretting, and perfectly stable, working perfectly and tuning well on all frets.

It is strung with new Aquila Alabastro synthetic gut (nylgut) strings.

The figure of the edelweis flower is carved on the shovel. It looks like the scroll was broken and repaired years ago, it is hardly noticeable.

It maintains the shellac varnish with excellent shine and its shape is more stylized than in other models.

The cap gussets are not ladder braced, but Torres style fan gussets, which is very unusual. "Torres in 1858 obtained the bronze medal at the Seville Exposition, which enshrines him as the best builder of the time with his new fan design, and he patented it. Many builders used his design on their instruments."

Although it has scratches, taps and small scratches, its general condition is very good.

It is not usual to find these instruments in their original condition, with all its parts, and with such good performance.

Romantic Lute 1900