Musima Herrnsdorf Model 1657 (1959) .

These guitars were built in East Germany with very good materials and by the same craftsmen who previously made for Framus and Hofner.

They are large size guitars, with a scale of 65 cms. They are very wide at the hips, almost 43 cms.

Maple and mahogany laminate, same wood for the top and back, it also has a rosewood fingerboard and an adjustable neckless neck. It incorporates the original vibrato lever.

The model is very close in sound quality and build to the Hofner 456.

It has a "Herrnsdorf" mixer installed (these are the old "Relog" ones, and it has two "Gitona" single coil pickups, very reputed and old brand). This mixer works perfectly without noise or hum, and is very well placed, the distance to the strings is perfect. In position III both pickups sound, and volume 2 becomes balance for the combination of both.

At the contact points it is cushioned with felt and is firm and secure.

The neck is attached to the body by a screw that also allows to adjust the angle of the neck to modify the height of the strings, this system was used in Vienna since 1900.

Very comfortable to play in all positions, the neck is a luxury, balanced and stable, with a perfect tuning and balance.

The fingerboard has been leveled, new 80/20 bronze frets have been placed, so the guitar allows a perfect adjustment both in tuning and in the height of the strings (1.5 mm for the first string at the 12th fret) . The two points that are seen on the back, near the junction with the neck are original and correspond to the mode of manufacture in these years, it is not a repair.

It works perfectly without noise or hum.

"Musima guitars were built in East Germany, behind the iron curtain. The beginnings of the" Musima company "in the town of Markneukirchen. They were instruments widely used by professionals in their time, for their reliability, their good sound and above all their playing comfort, The quality of their materials was good and they were as famous as Hofner and Framus were on the other side of the Iron Curtain ... "

Musima-Herrnsdorf model 1657 (1959)