Parlor Hofner 520 model 1952-56

The first model that Hofner built with these characteristics. It is the size of a parlor guitar (a little smaller than the 522 but wider in the hoops.

It was not produced in large quantities and the period was from 1952 to 1968. It has a scale of 62 cm and an extraordinary sound. It is a difficult model to find.

Although it has superficial scratches, it is in very good condition and perfectly functional, recently restored.

In Hofner's catalog they describe it like this:
"A small Viennese style guitar, made with a spruce top and maple back sides.

The guitar received a highly polished red finish. A white celluloid pickguard was placed and since a metal tailpiece was used, the guitar was supposed to be made for steel strings ... "


Parlor Hofner 520 model 1959