Parlor Hofner 523 model (1970).

It is a parlor model that evolved from 522. It is a steel string guitar with a classical guitar look.

Pine top, maple back and sides, rosewood fingerboard. 62.5 cm scale.

It has been fully restored and is in very good condition, original bronze frets, without marks, rounded and polished.

It has a label inside that I can't decipher ...

Its general condition is very good, it has some small scratches and taps, which are hardly noticeable and do not affect its proper functioning at all.

It has a great sound, and a low action, very comfortable to play. Strung with 0.11 of silk and bronze.

Revised and adjusted.

HOFNER MODEL 523 This appears to have been a development of the earlier Model 522 and was again a steel string guitar but with a classic style bridge and tailpiece combination. The 523 was even finished in the same distinctive red lacquer as the 522, and had the fret marker dots embedded in the fingerboard. However, the body binding / hem was more elaborate than the 522, with white pearl binding on the top and back edges of the body as well as around the mouth. The 522a appears to have been its replacement.

Parlor Hofner 523 model (1970)