Parlor Klira model 522 (1960).

This parlor guitar was built in Germany in the 1960s, and is almost the same as the Hofner models 522. Its top, body and sides are laminated with maple and mahogany, in the style of archtop guitars. Rosewood fingerboard. 62 cms scale.

It has five-layer binding and rigid cellulose pickguard, all original parts.

It has been totally restored, and revised. Although it has some small scratches, it is in very good condition and plays comfortably, tuning and octaving well, polished and shiny frets. Strung with 0.11 of silk and steel.

It is varnished with shellac, refines octave and plays perfectly, with a great sound.

Ideal for blues and folk.

"Klira (Otto Johs. Klier GmbH) was a German string instrument manufacturer, from 1887 to 1982. Starting with the classical violin family of instruments, the production range was expanded with acoustic and electric guitars around the 1950s . the company soon was reformed in the Franconia region of Bavaria, West Germany, in the city of Erlangen. This coincides in time and place with the founding of the company Framus Fred Wilfer by, also Schönbach. "

Parlor Klira model 522 (1960)