Parlor Meinel & Herold 1900.

Handcrafted in Germany in the late 1800s, early 1900s. Spruce top, back and sides: stained maple.

All woods are solid. The fingerboard is made of maple too, as is the neck. It has all the original parts. The bridge is made of ebony and has multiple grooves to adjust the tuning of each string individually.

It also has the original frets, with little use that have been reconditioned and polished.

The bridge pins are also ebony with a mother-of-pearl center. The neck is perfectly straight and the headstock is also original working well.

The bridge is stained maple with a wooden saddle.

The guitars of this brand sound especially good, standing out among many of their time.

It is strung with a new set of 0.11 silk and steel strings.

Some scratches on the varnish and taps, The expansion cracks are professionally repaired and the guitar is fully operational.

Its condition is very good, it plays comfortably, it tunes well, and it has a great sound!

Parlor Meinel and Herold (1900)