Suzuki No. 17 (1970) Nagoya, Japan.

  Spanish-style construction guitar, with fan-shaped top reinforcements.

They were made in Japan during the 70's, at the Nagoya factory by the company "Suzuki violin Co".

It has a 65 cm scale, bronze frets, and a 0 fret with a bronze saddle. The mast is internally reinforced, with a non-adjustable trusrod.

It is in very good condition and well adjusted, with the height of the strings comfortable to play.

There is a white dot next to the 12th fret marker, which is a piece of white cork that was sneaked into the photo, the fretboard and frets are in very good condition.

"The Suzuki Violin Company was founded in 1887 by Masakichi Suzuki and has been making guitars since the early 1900s. After World War II, the company was restructured into two parts: Suzuki Violin Company, which later became Kiso Suzuki Violin Company (run by one of Masakichi's sons, Kikuo) and Suzuki Violin Manufacturing Company was renamed Nagoya Suzuki Violin Company (run by another of Masakichi's sons, Umeo). In 1951, Kiso Suzuki started making guitars. Kiso Suzuki often made acoustic and classical guitars for other brands and dealers, including: Iwama Trading; CSL Gypsy; Tomson; Kansas; Takeharu; Halifax. Kiso Suzuki finally stopped marketing in 1987 and ESP bought its wood machines and supplies.

Suzuki 17 model (1970) Nagoya Japan