"Vincenzo Miroglio e Filli" (Catania 1935).

Vincenzo Miroglio e Filli was founded in 1920, and was producing guitars and mandolins by hand until 1960, under the name Catania-Sicilia.

The top is spruce, and the reinforcemente are ladded braced. The instrument is constructed of solid wood. The back is arched, laminated maple and mahogany, built in two pieces, but without any other horizontal reinforcement.

The neck is built in three pieces, maple and mahogany. The nut is made of bone. 62.5 cm scale.

The bridge was badly placed for a long time and was a little marked on the top, leaving a slightly lighter tone, this difference will gradually equalize with the passage of time.

The pegbox is very old, it seems to be handmade, due to the irregularity of the pegs, it is made without screws, all hand riveted, and it works perfectly.

It has a rosewood bridge with a bone trestle and tailpiece, in the style of mandolins.

The guitar is fully restored, it does not have any cracks, or major repairs. It is strung with silk and 0.11 steel.

It is solid, with a straight neck and comfortable to play, tuning well, without any problem and with a great and deep sound.



Vincenzo Miroglio e Filli (Catania 1935)